Mormon Emigrant Trail - California

Pollack Pines to Kirkwood - 25 Miles - Scenic

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Rider Comments:

  • "Off Highway 50 take Exit 60/Sly Park Road and head south 4 miles to Sly Park/Jenkinson Lake. There is a small resort just across from the lake, get gas, snacks, food, beer here. Then cruise through the park for up to 30 minutes. Then head back south on the road for another few hundred yards to Mormon Emigrant Trail (MET), also called Iron Mountain Road/NF-5. NOTE: This road may be seasonally closed Oct through May. Only goes East. Travel this route all the way through to CA-88 and turn left to Kirkwood. Stop at Kirkwood Inn for burgers, beer, etc. There is also a small gas station. Use at own risk, high prices! You can continue up 88 through Hope Valley to Highway 89 and take that to Lake Tahoe and back down 50 to close the loop." - Rider from Pollack Pines, CA (7/22/08)
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