State Route P & DD - Missouri

Potosi to Junction 32 - 25 Miles

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Rider Comments:

  • "Check your fuel at Potosi, because there are no gas stops on P or DD. Both P and DD started out as gravel roads. I think they were built by hand by the WPA in the 30s. They are both paved now and have excellent surfaces, but the road has basically the same structure as the original WPA road. I mention this because it is for that reason that the roads are so curvy and hilly, and it is for that reason that the curves arenít necessarily banked at the optimal angle, and the roads have no shoulders. Highway P has some steep hills and lots of curves with 3 or 4 long straight sections that cut through open farm land. Watch out for animals, speeding drivers, and gravel from the many gravel roads and driveways that run into the highway. Highway DD is curvier than P, but has fewer steep hills. There are no food stops along these routes, but you could picnic at Council Bluffs Lake. Use the same cautions on this road as with P: gravel, animals, reckless drivers." - Mike Halbert (8/8/09)
  • "Highway P out of Potosi is good, but when it turns into Highway DD towards SR 32, it's a blast." - D.C., Supermagna Meet
  • SR DD. "Tight and twisty, one of the best in Missouri. About 70 turns. Worth the ride from St Louis just to run DD and return. South of Potosi, Missouri. See also route "P". Paved forest road, acess to Council Bluffs Lake." - Jeff Arensmeier
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